Ego is not a Dirty Word. Its just a Very Focused Thought!

Is he the only person in his "decision making" world?

Ego is not a dirty word, it is just the decision making process that we use to make our moment to moment decisions, I reckon. It is what lets us get some runs on the board or starts the ball rolling. Otherwise we would just be sitting there waiting for perfect to arrive before we make that decision. Instead we create a “perfect” in our head and another decision is made.

So, how many of these “perfect” decisions do we make daily? Well, it could be around 20 decisions a minute or 20,000 in an 18 hour day. This is my take on my world and how I get through the day. Now I am wondering if this is true for us all. Do we all live in a “perfect” decision making world? And if so what are the consequences of such an “ego” process in how we live with others?

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