Bi-polar Behavior

I hope we would all agree that the taking out of our frustrations on someone else or ourselves is, although understandable, not acceptable.

This behavior usually takes the form of anger and can result in the abusing of others and
even ourselves, mentally, emotionally and even physically.
So, hopefully, now that we agree that this form of behavior is understandable but not acceptable, then we could ask what can we do to prevent it from occurring?

Okay, I will let you into a little secret. For the last couple of years I have been unable to get one person to agree that anger (all) was understandable but not acceptable.
So now I have decide to skin this cat another way and come from this angle of taking our frustrations out. Surely no one is going to stand up and try defend our right to take our frustrations out on others? Although for years people have been trying to defend their right to me, to get angry or to take out their frustrations on specific others. Now we seem to have a dilemma or a conflict of ideas.

The conflict that I think exists is that someone that has agreed that we do not have a right to take out our frustrations on anyone else will now want to say “in most cases”, and leave the door open for when they decide is appropriate  to do so. And use such extreme examples as when someone kills their mother, they then decide that they have the right to take their anger and frustrations out on the perpetrators.

What this does, in my view, is sets ourselves up to decide who, when and where we choose to take out our frustrations on and also on the slippery slope of endorsing anger and abuse in certain cases that we can decide.

This explains to me, why there is still so much taking out of frustration and anger on others when at the same time it is obviously so unacceptable to all of us.

It may even explain bi-polar behavior.

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