About Author

Desmond Sherlock is an Industrial Designer, Entrepreneur, and amateur philosopher. He has spent over 25 years discovering and trying to live by the principles of Rethink Perfect in his personal and business life.

He is not an academic and has no such qualifications in psychology or sociology. He is not an expert of any type and prefers to remain independent from such organisation claiming such expertism, especially in the fields of relationships.

He is a co-founder of an online startup Oodles.com with his brother Steve and has also tried his own ventures like the Quitober Challenge and recently launched his latest venture Tripcover car rental excess insurance.

He has been working on this idea for over 25 years starting with his “aha moment” in 1985 when he realised that he could be wrong. Which freed him up from being stuck in some dogma at the time.

Since then he as been asking more questions than actually being stuck in some dogma and poses Rethink Perfect as a solution to any dogmatic thinking but he does not wish to be dogmatic about it.

He has had one, two year experimental relationship which he has used to document his failures and successes.

He is hoping to trial Rethink Perfect in a relationship and as a single person is looking for a partner to test it. Or more to the point he is hoping she is looking for him.
Contact Des at desa @ rethinkperfect.com

4 Responses to About Author

  1. Nunn Bahojb_H says:

    Dearest Friend;
    I love your page’s contents.would try to help honing the book’s diction through the next 20some months(personally being a writer&publisher,editing a Graphic-art terms’ manuel+correcting mine sister’s follow-up of my last june exhibitional translations to participate in 2010 Tehran [international]fair)when Miss Rea`anaa B-Habibi Phd thesis is composed?

    Continue “investigating” new grounds,me Sherlock Des!

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