You can get me Des Sherlock at
desa @


I live between Melbourne and the Gold Coast depending on the season.

4 Responses to Contact

  1. ben maloney says:

    Hello Des

    It was great to meet and converse with an analytic person, on personabilities, very compex work.

    looking forward to checking out ya blogsite in the new year.

    happy holidays
    ben maloney
    (from Nth Melbourne backpackers)

  2. Blake Barrett says:

    Des is one of my favourite LinkedIn connections and the author…
    Short easy read.
    Some good concepts and suggestions for improving evolving agreements and conversations.
    I thought that Chapter 9. “Biron’s Quest, a Fairy Tale” could have been edited out as I did not see the relevance to previous chapters.

    • Hi Blake, nice to hear from you with feedback that I very much appreciate.

      I guess the story of Biron in Chapter 9 is a personal favourite as it is my parable on my struggle in how I have struggled to define what I have been trying to achieve over the last 26 years. It is only over the last few years that I have found a host of books that can explain what I have been trying to do understand myself. Books like Fooled by Randomness for example. So I guess I am biased by including this chapter, as it has that meaning to me, but your suggestion is taken on board for me to digest.

      But you are probably right that it is more peripheral.

      I have just submitted a page to Wikipedia on the subject and book of Rethink Perfect
      that I hope explains the idea more succinctly, as a work in process and any further feedback much appreciated, but otherwise thanks.

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