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2012 – Don’t Throw the Coincidence Out with the Superstition

I don’t think that we have to deny the existence of a coincidental event or to its possibility of occurring just because of the superstitious explanation, that some people use to understand it. AKA The end of the world, as we … Continue reading

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Suicide 4 Times more likely to Kill Aussie Males

Suicide still 4 times more likely to happen to males than females in Australia. Outrageous but true! Australian Bureau of Statistics  

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How to be a Good Loser?


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What is Resentment I think resentment is the build up of anger (compound anger), over time, towards someone and ourselves for allowing a relationship or situation to get into the position that it is in now. It is sort of a feedback … Continue reading

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Forgive My Misnomer

“I forgive you” could be one of the biggest misnomers ever created by a perpetrator posing as a victim. Why? Because, I believe, that most disputes occur before we have gotten agreements on how we treat each other. In other … Continue reading

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