1. Ch 1. Perfect Thinking:
    How perfect thinking permeates our whole life. How a concept that is possibly untouchable, unseeable and unknowable forms such an important part of our daily lives and thinking.
  2. Ch 2. Rules & Rethink Agreements:
    The ultimate in complaining responsibly is to prepare rules of engagement, to be agreed to, so that the complaint does not occur in the first place. These are processes that we consider acceptable to allow and encourage dissent and diverse ideas to be discussed in order to come to an amicable agreements. They are open for renegotiation at any time so that new and improved agreements can always be reached and added to the relationship.
  3. Ch 3. Prepare for failure:
    To avoid the devasting effects of a failed relationship we need to be prepared for when failure occur during relating or conversing.
  4. Ch 3. Complain Responisbly:
    The way to complain responsibly is to deal with an issue and person directly at the moment it occurs. Preparing for how we complain is the ultimate in responsibility
  5. Ch 5. Six Rules of Engagement:
    To participate in the making of Rethink Agreements we will need to agree to certain rules of engagement for resolving disputes during the agreement process.My proposal for these rules of engagement are the three for speaking, and three for responding or offering feedback.
    • Speak with: Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language
    • Respond with: Appreciate,  Acknowledge and Apology
  6. Ch 6. Conversation and Conversion:
    Agreeing to convert our own concepts, through conversation, not others so that we get a convergence of ideas.
  7. Ch 7. My Relationship Treaty:
    This is my mating cycle that I am using to find my partner or more so for her to fine me. Yet to be tested.
  8. Ch 8. Direct Feedback Moment (DFM):
    Is a call to action all the tools of Rethink Perfect in preparation to suspend the conversation so that we can rethink our stand and add the latest content into our ideas.
  9. Ch 9. Brion’s Quest:
    Finally there is a metaphore of the search for this process. Biron is a young bird that lives in a flock where all the birds have forgotten how to fly. He was the first bird to ask what his wings were for and finally learned how to fly again.

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