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Truce in Conversation

Truce –noun 1. a suspension of hostilities for a specified period of time by mutual agreement of the warring parties; cease-fire; armistice. 2. an agreement or treaty establishing this. 3. a temporary respite, as from trouble or pain. Even in … Continue reading

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Agreed Point of Disengagement

Adonis at this stage I am concerned with getting an agreed point of disengagement with whoever I am going to have a discussion with (male or female) from now on (as per my argument). So, as much as I appreciate … Continue reading

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Rethink Perfect – Clear Hat Thinking

After hitting a brick wall trying to get my Agreement Point agreed to, I did some rethinking and have come up with “Clear Hat Thinking” which I am sure everyone here will get straight away. I did a quick search … Continue reading

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Rethink Edward de Bono Society

I think that a society that calls itself by its founder’s name is destined for problems and ultimate failure. This is the Society of EDB. A Society that uses the thinking tools that he discovered over the last 50 years … Continue reading

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Imagine the Agreement Point

Imagine if we all had a single point of agreement.  Now imagine when/if we hit a point in any conversation where we strongly disagree or it gets heated that we could simply agree to go back to this point and we … Continue reading

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