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The 3rd Level of Thinking

In my view there are three levels of thinking, your level, my level and the just right, actual or perfect level of thinking. So I may think your level of thinking on a subject is underĀ thinking and you might think … Continue reading

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I am Over Thinking

Sometimes I am over thinking and sometimes I am not thinking enough orĀ under thinking but one thing, I think I can guarantee, is that I will not be thinking perfectly. I know that this is going to sound the most … Continue reading

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Fear of being Converted & of Converting

To me the converting of others is understandable but not acceptable. “Don’t you think…” “Why do you always….” “You should know better….” “When are you going to …..” These are all examples of someone trying to convert the other. Whether … Continue reading

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Anger is not the Accepted Default

Anger is understandable but not accepted as the default. To me anger is unacceptable as the default. When or if it occurs we want to return to the default state (calmness) as quickly as possible. Coming up with ways to … Continue reading

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