Agreement Pyramid

Built upon the foundation of how we want to be treated, I believe that with just 5 simple agreements all things are possible in both personal & business relationships.
The five agreements go like this.

1. That all agreements are open to be discussed again, to further improve the agreement.

2. That every complaint has an argument behind it, …….let’s find it!

3. That every argument has an new or improved agreement behind it – refer to the first agreement.

4. That to discuss our arguments we need a process.

5. Finally, I propose the “6 A’s” as my process of choice or Agreement Filters.

a. That we filter our ears with:
1. Adjustability
2. Accountability
3. Acceptability (ultimately)

And filter our mouth with:
4. Appreciation
5. Acknowledgement
6. Apology (speach in defence)

Of course the five agreements are open to be reviewed & revised as per the first Agreement.

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