Rethink Perfect. Finding the point of agreement

It seems like we focus more on the points that we disagree on.
I suggest we find the point at which we agree & then
rethink from there.

I would suggest that our first Agreement Point is that:

  1. We are responsible for letting others know how we would like to be treated.
  2. How I would like to be treated is that others will let me know asap when they disagree
    or doubt what I am saying so that we can simply backtrack to find the point of agreement and rethink from there.
  3. All points of agreement are adjustable at any time by re-agreeing.
  4. A complaint  is an indicator of leaving the agreement point. Simply find the argument to backtrack to
    the Agreement Point.
  5. Rethink Perfect can be done together only best to use an agreed process to do so.
  6. I suggest we use the 6A’s as a process.
    ie. When we speak, speak with:
    When we listen, listen for:
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