Rethink Perfect. In search of the Agreement Point

  1. What is our latest Agreement Point?
    A: That we are all looking for an agreement.
  2. What does the Agreement Point look like?
    A: Adjustable, open for further discussion, not L.A.W. !
  3. What are complaints?
    A: An unsophisticated way to make an argument.
  4. What is gossip?
    A: An unsophisticated way to make a complaint.
  5. What is a point of argument?
    A: A way for us to get our next Agreement Point.
  6. How do we improve the quality of our argument?
    A: Use an agreed process
  7. What is the suggested process we could agree to try?
    A: The 6A’s process:
  • Speak with; Acknowledgment, Appreciate, Apology (speach in defence)
  • Listen for; Adjustablity, Accountability, Acceptability
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