Unacceptable and Acceptable Apologies

What is wrong with this?
“I am sorry I got angry, it is just that time of the month!”
“I am sorry I got angry, it was my male hormones!”

They are both unacceptable to me as an apology for aggression.
I dare say they would not be acceptable to a judge either.

Because both people are failing to be accountable for their actions.
What would be acceptable to me is if both took responsibility for their actions.
“I am sorry I got angry. I chose aggression to deal with my frustrations rather than a more constructive action. I would like to get an agreement on helping me act more constructively next time I get frustrated and possibly help me find a way for me to avoid getting frustrated in the first place.”

To me, the second apology is like chalk and cheese between the first. I believe that most people are tending to throw out the baby with the bathwater with regards using apology to resolve disputes.

I think that the giving and accepting of poor and unacceptable apologies could be even more destructive than no apology at all.

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