Rethink Perfect Synopsis

· Ch 1. Adjustable Agreements: are flawed agreements as they are made by flawed people for flawed people
Therefore they can be adjusted at any time by forming a new agreement.

· Ch 2. Six Adjustable Agreements: To do this will require Adjustable Agreements to rules of engagement for resolving disputes during the process.
Three Listening for, and three Speaking with, rules to be agreed to are

o Listen for: Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable

o Speak with: Appreciate, Apology and Acknowledge

· Ch 3. Our Desire to be Always Right: These rules of engagement are needed during this process and because of our desire to be always right and thinking that we are.

· Ch 4. Conversations and Conversations: Once these rules of engagement are in place and agreed two we can use them to improve our understanding of the agreements
and modify them to suit but also to discuss any other subjects that interest us.

· Ch 5. Relationship Treaty: This process can also be used to find and secure a partner in relationship.

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