The Mating Cycle of the Long Finned Eel

The mating cycle of the Long Finned Eel is an amazing thing. It gets a call of nature to reproduce and heads back to the ocean from where it lives in inland estuarary along Australia’s eastern states. It makes its way across shallow ponds and can crawl over land between ponds with this desperate desire to make its way to the ocean and eventually are believed to spawn in the Coral Sea near New Caledonia thousands of kilometres from where they lived. Such incredable forces drives them on their quest to mate.
So what cycle do us humans embark on? Surely, if we are at the top of the chain in the animal kingdom, we would have an even more driven and complex mating cycle? Now I don’t mean sliding down to the local pub to pick up a quicky on the weekend. Where is our mating cycle and complex drive that means that we will successfully reproduce optimum offspring. I have yet to see us act this mating cycle out as nature has meant us to.

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