Australian Organ Donor Shambles

How’s this.

After first trying to fill out my details on the Organ Donor Register website and failing.
Then ringing them up to confirm what address they had associated with my
Medicare Card and changing it.
Then going back online and registering again because they cannot register me as an
organ donor over the phone.
Finally I get a letter with all the details that I filled out online including my
DOB, new address, Medicare Card Number, and they ask me to sign it and post it back to them.

But here is the clincher even if I sign it they will not take my organs if my family do not give me their permission to donate when the time comes.

All of this just to donate my organs.
Is it any wonder that we only had 309 Australians (yes, you read correct) donate their organs last year. We have around 6 million people registered on the Organ Donor Registry thanks mainly to the Road Transport Authority and people ticking the box when we get our licence.

All this kerfuffle to get people to sign up when the bottleneck is turning 6 million willing candidates into actual donors via the health system and government red tape.

Australia has 13.8 donors per million where some countries like Spain has 34 per million donors.

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