Saying the Wrong Thing

Can someone say the ‘wrong’ thing?

A small question but one that could change our lives, I think.

If you answered yes, then there is a good chance that you think that we can also say the ‘right’ thing. Applying this type of ‘right and wrong’ thinking, with people, is not ‘wrong or right’, but can lead some problems and is the reason that I have written Rethink Perfect.

I do not believe that there is a ‘right and wrong’ way to speak. That if I did not happen to like what or how you said something to me, I would simply let you know what and why. This would be great if you could do the same with me and we both would not have to worry about or fear getting it exactly or perfectly ‘right’.  This would encourage more ‘open’ and ‘honest’ conversation and hopefully result in resolving issues before they became disputes.

Frustrations, by their very nature, seem to involve small issues that occur repetitively over a period of time. Nipping, such issues, in the bud, reduces frustrations, I think.

This is one of the first premises or agreements of Rethink Perfect. If this did not sound too strange then we could move on to the next premise whis is a more detailed way of carrying out the first premise above.

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