Unavoidable Emotions or Not?

My rough take on what some Positive Psychologists call unavoidable emotions.
Here is the quote from one such academic from Harvard sent me:

“The fact that we have emotions is unavoidable.  No person is exempt from them.  I consider these emotions.”

My reply was this:

“Could we agree that it may be just possible that nature could create a mutation, that could allow someone to avoid/eradicate their anger and jealousy. Just to allow the possibility that anger and jealousy could be avoidable in a possible future?  Or are you saying that you think the having of anger and jealously are unavoidable forever, and even outside your realm of knowledge and understanding, on what may be possible? I think that dogma is when we think that our “unavoidable” is the universal unavoidable.”

Needless to say I didn’t get a reply.
My answer would now be the following: “That you seem to think that your emotions are unavoidable but I think I can choose my emotions and my life. And I can do  this by choosing the stimulus in my life. Even with death I can choose how to react to it.”

To me, the idea of using the word “avoidable” and “unavoidable” with emotions sounds a bit like Pavov’s dog trying to avoid being given a shock. Why not look at emotions as something that we can create or eradicate ie choose instead of cowering in the corner hoping something does not pop up? A more active approach than a reactive one.

Maybe we can choose and even create our environment/stimulus that will alow us to choose our emotions, feelings and behaviour that we want. Just a thought.

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