My Speculation on Our Fear of Losing Bias

I think our bias is powered by our fear of losing our self (potential) and the fear of losing the other (existent) or is it our fears that that power our bias. Either way it drives us to seek feedback from others.

So maybe the more we understand our bias the more likely we will seek real conversation
(dissent, disagreement, etc) based on using agreed rules of engagement and in me & Steve’s case, the 6As.

How we go about seeking quality feedback will depend how we deal with our fears/bias. All designed to make better decisions so that we can predict the future (for today), maybe.

Reasonable Certainty might be certain about the moment and today only (through agreements). Reasonable Uncertainty might be focusing on our fears of losing for today. (aiming for agreements)

Unreasonable Certainty might be being certain about more than today.
Unreasonable Uncertainty might be focusing on our fears of losing about more than today.

But then again I might be just biased!

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