How to have an Ideal Relationship

I was talking to a young woman yesterday and I told her that I wrote a book
on how to have the idea relationship. She then put me on the spot and asked me
if I can tell her in a line. I replied:

“Be willing to drop all your expectations and replace them with agreements
that you continually work on improving as your desires are not being met perfectly.”

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2 Responses to How to have an Ideal Relationship

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    yeah i like it!

    getting agreements cost time and patience but I think it’s a well worth investment.

    Whereas when we are impatient and think others should just get it or read our minds – then I think we’re more likely to have expectations and take shortcuts.

    • Impatience,, assumptions, promises and expectations all gang up to corrupt and undermine what starts out as glorious sex and all lovey dovey warm feelings that we call “love”. I reckon that rethink agreements are the road less traveled or the holy grail of relationships.

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