Coke Adds Life!

I went to a local pub on Mimi Beach just for a quick beer after work and I found a wallet
outside. I quickly picked it up so that no one would notice and checked if there
was money in it, and there was, $100 in notes.

Hmm! I thought. Will I hand it in or not. I did some further thinking over a wee
and worked out a plan. I would buy myself a $5 beer from the proceeds and then hand it in. “That was fair” I thought. So I did.

Anyway the guy came up to me that lost it and I wasn’t sure if he would be pissed off that
I took $5 for a beer. Well the guy was rapt and couldn’t believe my honesty (even minus the $5). He said he was well off, had himself  a few working girls in his car and he could look after me and give me some “coke”. I thought I don’t even drink coke and thought he should at least add some Bundy.

It wasn’t till a few minutes later that I realised what he meant by “coke” with the bar girl
also informing me that he was the biggest coke dealer on the Gold Coast.

Ah well we live and learn!

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