Rachael’s Harem

Wow what a night!!

I went to the Broadbeach Hotel, Liars and while there watching the finals (3 codes I did not know which one to look at)
I saw a very sexy young woman walk in and go to the tolilet. When She came out I thought that this is the girl I will talk to tonight, or would do if I was a preditor, which I am not.

Anyway later on, unbeknownst to me a guy an gal stood at my bench table. We had small talk about the footy (all 3 codes) and then this Canadian guy quizzed me about my life and I told him I have never married “technically” and she said you have still been “arse fucked”! I explained that my only “marriage” was one of “convience” to assist her to get her visa, an experiment in nature and this girl was enthralled by my story. At 27 she had her herum there of about 6 young guys and pulled all the strings that night, with them.

Thsi turned out to be the very same sexy girl that walk in and I hoped to talk to.
Anyway, I asked her 2 questions, what was her name, Rachel, and why did her last relationship fail. She said she could write a book on that and I said can she say it in a sentance. She said it was to do with trust, respect and love etc etc.

I said I can sum it up in a word. Expectations. That is she expected she could trust him and that he would trust her, same expectaions for respect, love etc etc, I am sure you get the picture. Sorry Rachel, expecting that we get reciprocal actions on our investment is unrealistic, I think, but nice try, been there, done that.

I also think that when women ( and guys) are willing to drop all their expections of LOVE, and apply what I call Adjustable Agreements, we will start to have the relationships that we were supposed to.

But I have to admit, having a herem, as she had, I think she is well on the way to finding what ever she wants. Good on ya Rachel for taking the initiative!

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