How Can I Agree to Something I don’t yet Fully Understand.?

I was recently asked by someone the following of what I consider a rhetorical question:

“How can I agree to something I don’t yet fully understand.?”

Just change the word “agree” to “like” and I think you will have the answer. In my book I refer to an agreement as Rethink Agreements and define them as “what you and I consider acceptable to us for now” in other words “like”.

I like dealing with my own stress by getting feedback from others

I don’t like people dealing with my stress or using my stress to divert their attention from their own stress.

I don’t like people using rhetorical questions on me and do like them telling me what they think and why.

I like people speaking to me with Adjustable, Accountable and Acceptable language. etc, etc.

I only agree with what I like and I disagree with what I dislike. Now that seems pretty simple to me.

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