What is Resentment
I think resentment is the build up of anger (compound anger), over time, towards someone and ourselves for allowing a relationship or situation to get into the position that it is in now. It is sort of a feedback loop, in that we have anger for our own anger and we
have no real idea how to resolve this problem.

File:Rethink Perfect Counterbalance Flawed.gif

Flawed Relationship Resulting in Resentment

How do We Resolve Resentment
I think by apologising to the person we attribute our resentment to, for not setting up
a process for dealing with our anger and potential resentment before the disputes and anger occurred.


Ideal Relationship where anger is dealt with

What is the Process for Dealing with Anger
I call it Rethink Perfect and it involves getting flexible and explicit agreements on:

  • That anger is understandable but not acceptable.
  • That we are both accountable for anger, one for their anger and the other for allowing it.
  • Agree to use proposed rules of engagement as a counter balance for our bias/fears, before we enter into deep and real conversations.

File:Rethink Perfect Moderator or Counterbalance.jpgRethink Perfect Counter Balance Agreement using 6 rules of engagements all beginning with A

Link to the summary of Rethink Perfect

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