Is Anger Unacceptable?

It is no wonder to me that there is still so much aggression, violence, wars, broken relationships and disputes in the world, today when I have been unable to find just one person that believes that anger is unacceptable. Understandable? yes, but not acceptable behaviour.

I do not believe one war or dispute was begun without the input of anger and yet everyone seems to want to be able to defend their own anger and justify their feisty outbursts. “You can’t control emotions!” I have been reminded on a number of occasions.

Can you justify your anger or can you admit that it is a poorly delivered message waiting to either escalate into an argument and potential fight or to be accountable for and improved?

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1 Response to Is Anger Unacceptable?

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    i think i can explain** my angry behaviour – but i don’t think i can excuse it.

    **the explanation would be by way of an apology.

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