Better to be Grumpy Before than Angry After

While waiting to chekin for a flight tonight there was a mass blockage
in the line, where the people in front had to go back and get their bags checked.

To cut a long story short I let the people know in front of me that I wanted to go through
and that they were blocking the way. “I was here before you” he snided but he had to go back and have his bags
checked and he know it. “Ok let the grumpy man through” he jeered.
And I agreed and repeated “yeah let the grumpy man through” to which I proceeded and finally the way was clear for
the rest of us behind him.

Only later I heard him complaining that he had been in front but had to return to get his bags checked etc.
I retorted “sounds like you’re the grumpy man now.”

Anyway, in Asia airports one never gets anywhere unless one pushes through to some degree.
But I would rather be grumpy now before I get angry rather than complain after.
But that is just me.

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