6 Things that Will Clean up your Life

What about simply 6 things that will clean out the dead wood in your life.
Easy to say a life time to master.

1. Speak with more ADJUSTABLE language and listen out for people’s non-adjustable (all knowing) language.

2. Be more ACCOUNTABLE for your thoughts and actions and listen out of non-accountable (blaming others) views.

3. Stop putting up with actions or views that you find not ACCEPTABLE and
ensure that your actions and words (tone, volume and rhetoric) are acceptable and that people are not just acquiescing.

4. APPRECIATE people’s reactions and contributions even if you don’t necessarily agree or like their delivery.

5. ACKNOWLEDGE people’s contributions even if you don’t agree or like their views.

6. APOLOGISE more (rather than attacking) for not liking or agreeing with other people’s views or actions.

Better still get an agreement with any “green wood” (what is left after the dead wood is gone) to help each other
to apply the 6As (rules of engagement) in the future.

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