General Code of Conversation


Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone that followed a different
code of football than you do? I bet it didn’t go very far.
eg. “You know when the siren goes, it is great how they…..”. Other code supporter says; “Siren? What the….!.”

I think because I want to actually have a conversation about a code of conversation that is different than most people it does not go very far.
eg “You know how you use non-adjustable language, well this is …..” Other code supporter says; “Non-adjustable? What the….!”

Even if I clearly explained what a siren or non-adjustable language was to the supporter of another code, by the very nature of supporting, they will only understand that there is a difference but find it difficult to accept the difference because they support the other code.

So then best to converse about something else other than the code. Unfortunately because my code is the one for conversing we are not going to go very far with any conversation, unless one of us un-supports our code, or the other does not have a code.

I think everyone has a code of conversation,  just not as conscious as mine and I believe the use of non-accountable and non-adjustable language is part of their code of conversing. The lack of appreciating or acknowledging are also part of this code or the general code for conversation.

This may be testable and I might do a joint paper with a student on this subject, of a General Code of Conversation.

Finally imagine actually trying to PLAY a football game when both teams were using different codes!! And with an umpire/referee from a third code? Ha! No chance.

It would make a great scene in a documentary though, to help prove my point.

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1 Response to General Code of Conversation

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    Yeah if you take a mark in AFL footy you can not be tackled, however that means little to a rugby league player who will clean you up regardless!

    I’ve also used the board game example where one thinks they are playing a game of chess yet the opponent is using checkers rules instead. Doh!

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