Fuck You, You Mother Fucker!

Why do you think societies, generally, are so intolerant of foul language or what we call here in Australia, swearing?

I believe it is because swearing is the precursor display for anger and ultimately aggression.

If we were more consciously aware of this, that is, foul language is not the
problem, per se, but what it represents to us from the attitude and behaviour of the messenger, then we could be far less “intolerant” of it and more understanding and even appreciative.

We could simply understand that it is a warning or a breadcrumb to encourage us to either try assist the person to modify their behaviour and language or to withdraw from them before any damage is wrought upon us.

I now live by the saying that “Anger is understandable but not acceptable”.

So, in this case, upon hearing such foul language, I could now appreciate the warning and try to thank them for it and then proceed to let them know how I would prefer to be treated if we were to continue to interact , and if they wished me to help them to reduce their anger.

Because our societies abhor such foul language and shows so much intolerance for it, we
generally fail to appreciate this hidden message or warning that is behind the swearing and
the swearer fails to get the possible support or assistance that they may need to resolve an issue. Their poorly delivered message for assistance goes unrewarded until their aggression finally shows its ugly head.

So in a way we are our brother’s (and sister’s) keeper and some appreciation, assistance and understanding now, can make our society a less angry and ultimately less aggressive, system, in my view.

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