Communication Cliché

Saying that we need “communication” in a relationship, in my view, is like saying
that we need to be in the air, while flying.

The irony is that such an obvious statement amounts to many, thinking that
they have said or heard something profound and useful.

How we get into the air and maintain control while there, is what is really important when flying. And how we encourage communication and moderate it, is what I think is the most important thing for relationships.

This simple blind spot around the use of the word “communication” could be the cause
of so many failures within relationships and their ultimate demise or crash.

So maybe, for my mating call, I should simply ask what she thinks makes
a good relationship and if she answers with the ubiquitous cliché “communication”,
I can point her to my post here and we can both move on.

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1 Response to Communication Cliché

  1. After writing this I just asked my mum what makes a good relationship and guess what she answered? That’s right “communication” and I had to have a giggle as I told her about my post.

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