Getting Mad & Going Mad

Getting Mad Going MAd

People are getting mad and going mad in hoards.

I reckon that if you listen to how a person speaks and you can detect and measure how mad a person is.

A friend of mine told me yesterday, “My previous boy friend was a psycho!”

I suggested to her that it takes a psycho to select a psycho and to stay with a psycho, but she was not convinced.

“But sometimes he treated me so cruelly”

I suggested that she allowed him to do so.

She was not convinced.

She was acting and speaking with so much anger regarding him or so mad towards him
that I believe it actually made her, in effect “mad”, to that degree.

The degree of anger we harbor or how mad we are towards anyone (including ourselves) or anything, I reckon, is the degree that we suffer a mental disorder or in effect mad-ness.

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