What is Balance?

Here is a thought,
What is balance?
If you tossed a coin you would expect to get a balance between Heads H and Tails T.
Here is one I prepared earlier.
The H moves the line to the left once and T moves the line to the right once.
The first T at the bottom was the first toss and T dominated the trial
The green line here is what I would expect to be the balance line
between H  and T, but after 36 throws I got the red line as the balance

Does this mean that balance does not exist? Or is there two balances?

Of course the theory goes that over time and after enough phases or trials that the red balance line (real or random), would converge towards the green balance line (ideal or perfect).

So maybe the same applies to “balanced conversation”. That at any one time we are in a red line balanced conversation and it is only over time and many phases that we get close to a green line balanced conversation.

Simply put maybe our idea of balance is a lot different than natures idea of balance.

Trial 2

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