As Good as it Gets

Imagine if we had conversations where we all agreed that whatever we hear is
in and for the present and is “as good as it gets” (AGAIG). That we simply focus on the here and now of how we think and feel without advising each other on the future and passing judgement on what we say about how we think, feel & act today. I think this is what is meant by “As good as it gets”.

Try it, it’s not so easy, but it sure is an interesting and refreshing way to converse and creates a process for an open and relatively honest way of exchanging different and unusual ideas.

My brother and I spent the last week interviewing/conversing with a potential CTO for our new business and we tried this process out, working it out as we went along. We all seemed to be able to disclose stuff that in any other circumstances we might struggle with. Granted the candidate is my brother’s friend but I believe that the AGAIG process is an excellent way to bring down the barriers of forming judgements and allow us to simply listen. This, in turn, encourages more open disclosure, especially as we all participate and lead by example.

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2 Responses to As Good as it Gets

  1. GoofyFoot says:

    Yeah so I guess what ever situation I find myself in is ‘as good as it gets’ right in that moment. Hence no point complaining about it or trying to change how people are in that moment.

    Instead I can steer my focus towards trying to observe and understand that situation & perhaps use that insight as a way to influence a possible future version (of a very similar) situation.

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