What is Medium Talk


= Chit chat, simple talk about simple subjects such as the weather, travel, family etc.


= Debates, discussions, conversing on deeper or more complicated and more controversial subjects such as sex, politics religion, parenting etc. with our values being exposed.


= Is a growth medium or culture for growing our own values

For me it is a singularity, in that; it allows us to go from Small Talk to Large Talk
and share our own values in a more safe and controlled environment and feed
the results back into the Medium as a perpetual organic machine to grow more values.

For example here is our company and personal primary value that we have agreed to earlier:

“Anger is understandable but not acceptable”

We have agreed to this statement and to replace some of the possible causes of our anger with the following sub-values:

1. Replace deadlines with milestones

2. Replace rules with (6As) guidelines

Speaking Guidelines:

A1. Replace dogma with Adjustable language

A2. Replace blaming with Accountable language

A3. Replace rhetorical with Acceptable language

Responding Guidelines:

A4. Replace resentment with Appreciation

A5. Replace ignore with Acknowledgement

A6. Replace attack with Apology

3. Replace promises with agreements

4. Replace plans with predictions

5. Replace venting with responsible complaints

6. Replace commitment with desire.

7. Replace expectations with explanations (using the guidelines from 2.).

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1 Response to What is Medium Talk

  1. Large talk (about conflicting values, for example) without a ‘medium’ for both parties to talk within, I think is akin to a tight rope walker without a safety net. i.e. both parties are scared to put a foot wrong and more likely to get hurt if there is a fall.

    Which make it understandable then when there is a reluctance to go there again i.e. into big talk. But also limiting I reckon, as far as growing and understanding what we value, if we don’t feel safer to have big talk on the high rope.

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