Two Sides to Every Fear Story

If you want to know why life can be so complicated here are just a few of the bipolar fears that can make our lives so. Combine that with being in a relationship with someone else and their bipolar fears also and we have a recipe for a very complicated but also potentially very interesting life if we can learn to understand and harness their powers.

Fear of losing an asset
Fear of gaining a liability

Fear of someone overly agreeing
Fear of someone overly disagreeing

Fear of being rejected
Fear of being falsely accepted

Fear of too much work (stress)
Fear of not enough work (boredom)

Fear of losing what we have
Fear of losing what we want

Fear of being alone
Fear of being over crowded

Fear of what we think is failure
Fear of what we think is success

Fear for our past
Fear for our future

Fear of following the crowd
Fear of missing out

Fear of following a loser
Fear of leading a winner

Fear of being blamed
Fear of blaming

Fear of being too stable
Fear of being a psychopath

Can you add anymore?

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