Rethink Co-founders and Couples

What do co-founders and couples have in common?

  • They both have formed partnerships
  • They start without explicitly agreed to, rules of engagement (or disengagement)
  • “Small” disputes are usually swept under the carpet (until they become lumps)
  • More fail than succeed
  • Can be very expensive mistakes
  • No one can seem to pin point the exact, common cause, of the failing. is my proposal that I think can begin to solve the problems
that occur in both and answer the unanswered questions, pin pointing the exact cause
that lead to both failing.

Ask me what I think that cause is?

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3 Responses to Rethink Co-founders and Couples

  1. when I told a girl the other night, about the idea of appreciating what someone says regardless of how well they delivered it, the penny seemed to drop! “So I can confront what I dont like, agree with or understand, yet at the same time I can be grateful that the other person bothered to broach the issue with me?. I think that could work”

    though I gave her my disclaimer, that I take no responsibility for its application, given the only real evidence I have about its effectiveness is with my brother, and even that’s just a work in progress.

  2. Shhhh! that is proprietary information that I left out. But you know what… I don’t think it is any one solution that is going to solve the cause. And the cause is so complex and interdependent it is a bit like physicists trying to find the tiniest and finite building block of the universe and they keep discovering yet another one. It is a never ending search of discovery or as I call it rethink perfect.

  3. But it is not all a waste of time as the better scientist understand the building blocks of the universe the better material compounds can be developed. And I think the same applies to co-founders’ and couple’s relationships.

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