Like Violence Will Anger Become Unacceptable One Day?

How about this? Just 30 or 40 years ago it was basically accepted that a man could slap a child or his wife to keep them in line. Today this is now considered corporal punishment (for the child) and is banned by most states in Australia and the other is considered domestic violence and also against the law.

I can see the day in maybe 30 or 40 years time that displaying anger will be considered unacceptable also. Not against the law just simply seen as understandable because we make mistakes but still a mistake and therefore unacceptable, just like our violence is being tamed.

For me, today, anger is seen as understandable but not acceptable. I guess I am 40 years ahead of my time as I have not met anyone that believes this yet. If anyone agrees that anger is understandable but not acceptable like this or respond.

I have a feeling it is too early yet.

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2 Responses to Like Violence Will Anger Become Unacceptable One Day?

  1. Hi, sorry my thought isn’t completely elaborate here but I find the topic interesting and not discussed often.

    To add some background, I’ve lived in 3 countries so far, and it’s very interesting for me to see how people behave differently on this topic among others.

    Where I come from anger has an implied connotation of violence, and might as well turn into something reckless; not something that happen often by far, but has certainly this implied aggressive positioning. It usually will come out of direct provocation.

    West Canadians seem to hold their anger until it burst from something out of the norm, not necessarily personal to them, but they hold far too much.

    Santiago Chileans, well I still don’t know them well enough, still they seem extremely peaceful amidst a polluted semi-chaotic city. They hold a lot more passion (in a romantic way) and admiration for arts. Of course, not everyone.

    So to come to a point, I think what you point out as anger, maybe angry or violent behaviour, is heavily influenced on your locales. Anger itself as a feeling is a basic emotion, to say people wouldn’t be angry anymore would impair very important human processes of acceptance for instance.

    • Hi Fabian thanks for contributing.
      I have been to West Canada, and spent 3 months in Chile this time last year, in the Startup Chille program.
      And sort of agree with you there.

      But it is funny I am not saying we ban anger or that they would not be anger anymore only that it is accounted for. That is we give a full and acceptable apology for our behavior.

      My brother and I have been doing this for the last 12 years and our anger has been and is being tamed through this process.

      I also have a new definition of Anger being the display of our frustration and annoyance of a behavior or series of behaviors. So instead of dealing with the “anger” or display we deal with the frustrations and annoyances and we therefore deal with the anger.

      My brother and I use an agreed 6 rules of engagement to deal with these frustrations and once again the anger gets dealt with.

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