Startups Divorce for Lack of Engagement


It seem that every great country is built upon a grand legal system, designed to seek out fairness for all and ultimately bring together a more cohesive society to work well together.

However every startup seems to be built upon a so-called grand market idea, instead. But imagine if more startups were built upon a grand fairness idea. Maybe a few more would still be around.

According to CB Insights Research the biggest cause of failed startups is a faulty market model (no market need), ran out of cash and not the right team, in that order. But maybe
it is not so much about not having the right team but having the right team rules of engagement. Maybe startups would be better off by just having explicit rules of engagement (besides implied rules such as “politeness”, “mutual respect” and “business etiquette”) to help make better market model and financial decisions and agreements?

Once these teams had these agreed to rules of engagement it would then allow them to actually “engage” on a level that could resolve the difficult decisions rather than have team members either acquiesce (blind leading the blind) or tear each other apart, both leading to a non cohesive team, in my view.

Rethink Perfect contains the rules of engagement that we use to engage. Having such preparations, before we start up, (a country, business or personal relationship) makes sense in anyone’s language.

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