We Think in Binary

Right – wrong, good – bad, hot – cold, up – down, far – near, responsible – irresponsible, love – hate, truth – lie, etc, etc.

I was telling my brother that we seem to think in “good” and “bad” and the first thing he told me was that I was wrong, ha!
(when he read this he reckoned I was lying! I replied that I did not agree that at least more was true.)

So understanding this can help us prepare for it. For example I reckon the definition of “wrong” is 75%(w) ± 25%(r) “right”, and “right” is 75%(r) ± 25%(w) “wrong”.

wrong=(w75% ± r25%)
right=(r75% ± w25%)

wrong=w75% ± (r75% ± w25%)25%
right=r75% ± (w75% ± r25%)25%

This formula can expand adding the brackets for the w and r infinitely.
This leaves us with an ever decreasing wrong and an ever increasing right.

Think about that next time you use a binary word.

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