Email to Emma Alberici on ABC’s Latline

Dear Emma

just thought I would give you my view on domestic violence.

If we stopped calling it Domestic Violence and simply referred to it as domestic abuse we could solve this problem, in my view.

Domestic violence comes from or is a symptom of domestic abuse which is perpetrated by both men and women. Continuing to simply demonize men as the single perpetrator, will get no change. I simply see this as a witch hunt by women on men, sorry, and have very little sympathy for the movement and the $40,000,000 being spent on it.

I do have a blog and a book that I have been working on this for 30 years called Rethink Perfect, the art of moderating our own disputes.


I believe that because we accept angry behavior during a dispute, that it simply escalates over the time of relationships.

That anger and its accompanying behavior is a form of abuse.

If we simply agreed that anger and the abuse that comes with it, was unacceptable then we would be on our way to reducing domestic abuse and ultimately domestic violence.


Des Sherlock

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