Crossing My Line


Some fifteen years ago I had my one and only relationship and it was an experiment.
So, whereas most people have an ex-wife or ex-husband, I have an ex-periment.

It lasted for two years and the agreement made for this experiment was, that I help her stay in Australia and she would help me test all of my theories on relationships.

And I did learn.

When she hit me for the first time and I apologized to her for crossing her line,
I learned that it was the biggest mistake of my life.

What we had set up from that point on was, that if either of us crossed each other’s line we could get angry or even hit the other legitimately.

It was the beginning of the end for our relationship and the experiment.

In the end she got her residency but one year later returned to Russia.
And I got to learn this most simple and valuable of lessons.

That no matter what reason we have for hitting someone or even getting angry,
“crossing my line” is NEVER an excuse.

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