Agree to Agree (A Singularity)

So how do you think we can we reduce domestic violence (DV) in Australia?

Here is my take on the question. This is my long term strategy, sorry, not a knee-jerk reaction to existing or near future bashings and murders.

  1. I think we (future couples) should form agreed to, rules of engagement, upon meeting
    to help us moderate any of our future disputes.
  2. Starting with the first agreement of what an “agreement” means to us.
  3. Simply put we need to agree to agree.
  4. My engagement proposal is: That an agreement is a promise or idea for now.
    In other words:
    “an accepted promise for now”.(“Now” only lasts a split second and is therefore
    always open to be reconsidered at any time after by either of us)
  5. As opposed to society’s accepted agreement compromise which is more:
    “an accepted promise forever”,
    a fairy tale from the distant past, in my view.
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