Let’s Agree to Agree

I bet you would be surprised to find if you asked the person that you are closest to how they defined an agreement that it would not match with yours. And if I told you mine it would be different again.
Crazy but true, we are living in a world where we make countless number of agreements daily with our nearest and dearest and with total strangers and yet we assume we all agree what an agreement is.

If what I am saying is true and it is simple to prove, then it could go a long way to explain some of the complications we have, especially in personal relationships, such domestic violence, divorce and just a general state of dysfunction in relationships.

Here is my definition of an agreement:

What we say is true for now. Or a promise for now.

In other words we can change the original agreement anytime either one of us want to but we both need to agree once again to get the new agreement and no coercion can be applied.
As opposed to what some people define an agreement as “a promise forever”. I call that a com-promise (compromise) or acquiescence, not an agreement.

So, depending on the process the relationship can become a perpetual agreement making machine or system that, as we perfect our agreement making process we can create better agreements more effectively and efficiently.

What do you think an agreement is?

Perpetual Agreement Machine

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