My Projections

My project consists of my projections.

It is about projecting myself into the future and into different scenarios and seeing what will fit and what will not.

From these projections – and I would say my project consists of hundreds if not thousands of these projections, daily – I can map out or order my future in relative ease.

A recent order was (think of ordering to a waiter):

“I will have one flight to Saigon then followed by a 1100 km, 2 week bike ride to Bangkok and then flight to meet up with Steve, my bro, in Berlin for a week’s stay followed by a ski trip in Bulgaria , for a week and for desert I will finish with a week in Bangkok. In the mean time I am running our business which goes a long way to fund our new startup”.

Think of the complexity of such a trip and yet I pulled it off (still yet to return to Australia, though) simply by using my projections. And combining this with a business and startup is icing on the cake.

Understanding the process of how we make such projects and projections is only going to help me improve making my next ones, in my view. But most of all it is going to help explain my project and projections to someone else.

Yes and this, I believe, is my ultimate project or purpose. To be able to define and explain my project and my projections. To be able to find a partner that will allow me to define and explain my project and projections and for me to be able to allow her to define and explain her’s.

This ultimate project (of converging projects with a woman) is something that I have been working on for some 30 years now and although it has taken me a bit longer than I thought I still feel that my project and projections are on track. I guess time will tell but this explanation of my project and projections, here, may help.


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