False Accusation

It has come to my attention that life is populated with false accusations with no agreed process of redressing the voracity of such claims or accuracy of information supplied.

So, for me, false accusations consists of:
Over or under assumptions (assuming imperfectly)
Over or under  presumptions (presuming imperfectly)
and over or under consumption (consuming imperfectly)

Unlike in the public arena, when one is accused of something it usually is by a police officer and it ends up in court or we simply plead guilty.

But privately we need the accusation addressed and resolved or risk the death of
the relationship, by a thousands cuts of resentment, contempt and malice.

When I am falsely accused I would be willing to go to the ends of the earth to redress this accusation, regardless of the size or depth of such assertions. Unfortunately a lot of people let such false charges slide and both reap the result of such dismissive behavior.

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