Project Your Project


What’s your project?

At first glance you may find this question strange but when I think about, to me it seems that everyone has a “project”, even if they are not so aware of it.
You know… an over arching, big idea, plan or talent in our life that drives us consciously or unconsciously to make the choices that we make in life.

Some may find it early in life while others find it later, while others may never discover their project at all. I personally started to recognise my project when I was 25, when I discovered what I considered was a huge thought in my life, that “I could be wrong”.

So I eventually named my project Rethink Perfect, started this blog and wrote my self published book by the same title.

Today I would describe my project as a method to do the following with others:

  1. Find a FIT
  2. Have   FUN and
  3. Being  FAIR

So what is your project?

Somehow the process of projecting our project helps in this process, I believe.
Maybe it is time you projected yours?

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