Argeement/Argument Verses Promise/Complaint

How can we have happy personal & business relationships if we don’t even have a definition for
the term Agreement? Yes that is right an agreement on what Agreement means!

I think that you would be surprised how little you know & understand about such a simple word.

For example what is the difference between an Agreement & Promise? Have you ever realised that
compromise is spelt com promise?

My definition of Agreement is that it is only a moment away from the posing of my next Argument.
It is a fluid idea that is built upon as new thoughts occur. Where as a Promise is a fixed thing
that we are expected to live up to forever.

Most of our relationship thinking is based on the Promise so tremendous pressures are placed on
us as we continue to learn new things yet are required to stick with an age old Promise or com-promise.

So if we were to make our Promises more fluid like Agreements then we will need guidelines to enable the
process of posing arguments. Well I have come up with this process called the 6A’s

Anyone interested please contact me for more.

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