Rethink Perfect – Clear Hat Thinking

After hitting a brick wall trying to get my Agreement Point agreed to, I did some rethinking and have come up with “Clear Hat Thinking” which I am sure everyone here will get straight away.

I did a quick search on Google and unfortunately I am not responsible for coining it but my use for it is unique, I believe in this situation.

Clear Hat Thinking is the hat we agree to wear when anyone is feeling that we need a break, that things are getting a bit heated and we need to cool down. (Maybe think of an ice hat). I believe that aggression is related to dogma and how much that we think we couldn’t be wrong. So wearing the Clear Hat allows us to rethink what we are starting to consider dogma or perfect.

Outside this society I would try to get, what I call the Agreement Point. That is, a point that we can all agree to go to when things get heated. i.e. “Can we go to the Agreement Point”. It is the point to remind us that it is time for us to rethink perfect.

Of course the Agreement Point exists as much as clear hat thinking does and as much as any color hat does. They exist if we agree that they do.

Any takers?

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