Feedback Loops Making Us Loopy!

So let me try run this past you.

A teacher or parent shares with their student or child what they have learned
throughout their experience in life to date.

What the student or child shares back is their feedback on this information
from their point of view.

If the teacher or parent then marks or evaluates the content of the student or child
a couple of things happens.

1. It will inhibit the student or child from disagreeing openly with the teacher or parent as the child or
student is well aware of the feedback loop and a no win situation.

2. You start to get a feedback loop and not good results for either.

So what is the solution.
All the teacher or parent can do is evaluate the process that the student or child used to
give the evaluation.
ie. Say the student said, “that’s crap!” the teacher could say,
“Thanks Jane for your feedback however a couple of pointers on your delivery

1. Are you saying that you think it is crap as opposed it is a universally approved crap?

2. I am sorry that I did not get this agreement with you before regards giving feedback
but I would like us to agree that we use the 3 A’s of:
thanks for….(Appreciate), sorry that…(Apologise), and I think that….(Acknowledge).
for when we disagree or are not convinced by each other’s point.

3. That I cannot very well give you feedback on your feedback of my point or we will simply enter into a feedback loop at this point.
So if you did use the 3A’s and told me why you thought it was crap, I would be better off considering and appreciating
it for another time and place when I have fully absorbed it and your reasoning and avoid any feedback loops at that point.

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