Rethink Perfect App

What about a Rethink Perfect App where your iphone could detect
non-adjustable or non-accountable and unacceptable language and beep each time or go
“warning, warning, will Robinson” with the voice of the lost in space robot.
The App could also detect unacceptable tone.
For example:

Non-Adjustable Warning:
So you could program in non-adjustable words like

Every time



Sick of,

This would get the one warning

Non-Accountable Warning:

And non accountable words like
you make me feel

You should….

you can’t

Non-Adjustable and Non-Accountable:
So if someone used a non-adjustable and non-accountable phrase at the same time there
would be 2 warnings like “you always try to undermine me”

Non-Adjustable, Non-Accountable and Unacceptable language

Finally if someone used non-adjustble, non-accountable with a swear word
like “You cant always, think that you are always right all the time, dickhead!”
The following warning would sound twice and then probably explode!

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