Rethink the Mating Cycle

Imagine if we have gotten it all wrong?

Imagine if it was not the role of the man to court the woman but that the woman was supposed to court the man? That it was not up to him to “pop the question” or to go up to a woman in a pub and use some corny pickup line. But she was supposed to seek out her man.

Just imagine what this would mean?

Well for starters it would mean that most of the relationships that we see around us would be majorly compromised. That there would be plenty of failed relationships and that lots more of them are destined for failure and the rest would be dysfunctional.

Hey, wait a minute, that is what is happening today!

It would mean that us guys would have to wait patiently while women check out our cv’s and see if we have any possibility of being in a relationship for 15-20 years, long enough to assist bringing up a brood of kids. And if not that they would just use us and abuse us and go off and find someone more suited. It would mean that women would finally be taking responsibility for choosing the guy that would help them have and nurture their kids.

Hey! Maybe we have gotten it all wrong. Maybe women are supposed to be responsible for who they choose to share their kids and home life with. And we may hear less complaints about the guys that they are supposed to be responsible for choosing! I can only dream….

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